You Find WHAT You Seek

Have you ever heard the saying “you find what you seek”? It may sound cliche, but there is a lot of truth to it. The idea behind this phrase is that our thoughts and actions play a significant role in the outcomes and experiences we have in life. In other words, if we focus on […]

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Your value is on YOU!

This is a hard lesson to come by from. Understanding that my values only depend on my rituals, my habits and my opinions. I say this a lot but again, other’s actions and voices in our head cripple us. Realizing that the voice has been put there by someone else, whether that’s a parent, relative,

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Giving with Expectation in return is NOT giving. It’s Manipulation

give without expectation

You give donations/food with expectation of gaining popularity, that’s not giving. You hear their stories only because you expect in return that you can tell yours. You help your friend get a job and then feel angry when she isn’t as proactive in offering you support. You cover for your coworker because you know you’ll

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Actually, I can.

actually i can

Stop convincing yourself you “can’t”, before you’ve even tried.Stop believing you’ve failed, after making a mistake (or many mistakes).Stop holding yourself back from doing something, just because you think you won’t be able… It all changes when you see yourself the same way you used to as a Baby. Trying to walk – You would

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