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Hi, I'm Arshil Haque

Professional DayTrader, Entrepreneur, Content Creator.

I started as a Freelance Graphic/Web Designer at the age of 14, making designs in Freelance Marketplaces for clients around the world. Eventually, ended up making my Freelancing career, into a Creative Agency.

Later in 2019, I learnt about Day-Trading and as of now have been Funded over $100,000 around the Top Prop-Firms in the world. With that, I’ve created an all in one Trading Academy to help others regarding this skill.

In 2021, I wanted to kill my camera anxiety and therefore started creating content on the internet, ended up creating Educational Reels/TikToks with over 10M+ Views.

Other than these, I also own a small Lifestyle Clothing brand called EmpathyWears and have Co-Founded ClassicCurves – A footwear store for women, with my sister.

I try to do many different things, that is what brings me to life. Currently, building a One of One Communication Skills academy in Bangladesh to help others build themselves up.

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