Beginner to PROfitable Trader Ebook (BD Version)

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This book consists of Basic to Advanced to Pro in “Smart Money Concepts”. It works in FOREX, STOCKS, CRYPTO and Futures.
I literally answer every questions, consisting proper trading plans, how to find success, etc.

I’ve made it in such a way so that a Beginner who knows Forex Basics can master itself to learning Smart Money Trading Concepts and become a PRO over time with the right training and plans as shown.
The Book contains of many chapters listed as Beginner to Advanced to Pro, It contains a lot of Mindset training and proper business training because after all, trading depends on these as much as the skillset.

With this E-book, I also tend to offer 100% support and service through my socials. Preferably Telegram to help my people learn and do better in their trading career.

Thank you.


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